3 Steps to More Energy

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Who doesn’t need more energy?  Maybe a two year old?  For the rest of us we’re always searching for an added boost.  The truth is you can access greater energy levels with just a few simple tweaks to your diet.  And, I can guarantee they’re not what you’re thinking.



Water is the most common nutritional deficiency in America.  Even mild dehydration affects energy levels because EVERY metabolic process in the body requires water!

  • Drink ½ your body weight in ounces of pure water daily (do not exceed 1 gallon)
  • Replace any diuretic beverages with equal amounts of pure water
  • Get a glass bottle that holds 25% of your daily requirement
  • Drink one bottle as soon as you wake-up, spread the others throughout the day
  • Add a pinch of sea salt to each bottle to improve absorption and retention



For maximum energy keep blood sugar in balance.  Fatigue is a common symptom of both low blood sugar and high blood sugar.  Consuming excessive carbohydrates will send your blood sugar on a roller coaster ride of highs and lows.  Did you know Americans are inundating their bodies with sugar and refined carbohydrates, consuming on average nearly 200 lbs of refined sugar per person annually!  In 1820 it was just 10 lbs per person.  Follow these steps to balance your blood sugar and raise your energy levels;

  • Every meal or snack should combine protein + fat + carbs to slow the blood sugar impact
  • Never eat carbs alone
  • Make vegetables and fruit your primary source of carbs for a lower blood sugar impact
  • Never skip breakfast



Healthy fats do not make you fat.  Healthy fats support your metabolism, blood sugar balance, hormonal balance, vitamin absorption, and your trim waistline.

Fat is a long-burning, concentrated source of energy.  Eating healthy fats is like throwing a log on the fire, it will burn for a long time.  Follow these guidelines to increase your healthy fat consumption and your energy levels;

Eat these

  • For hot uses: butter, lard, animal fats, coconut oil, palm oil, full fat dairy, eggs
  • For cold uses: extra virgin olive oil, nut & seed oils, avocado

Do NOT eat these

  • Margarine, hydrogenated oil, trans fats, canola oil, corn oil, vegetable oil


When you feel your tank running low just reach for some Rocket Fuel in the form of healthy fats.  Here are a few quick and easy ideas;

  • Coconut Bombs : melt coconut butter over nuts & berries in mini baking cups, cool in freezer
  • Energy Butter: mix in jar 2 part nut butter, 2 part coconut oil, 1 part raw honey. Take 2 tbsp. whenever energy ebbs
  • Bulletproof Coffee : in a blender mix 1-2 cups coffee, 1-2 tbsp. real butter, 1-2 tbsp. EV coconut oil


I’d love to hear about your favorite “healthy” ways to boost energy levels.  Leave a comment below!

Peter Wright, NTP, CGP

Peter Wright, NTP, CGP

I’m on a mission to help you prevent and reverse chronic illness by utilizing nutrition to restore your body’s natural balance.

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Peter Wright, NTP, CGP

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