Nutritional Therapy

symptom_burden_graph“Six months ago I began working with Peter Wright on Nutritional Therapy. Although I was managing okay I seemed to be becoming sensitive to a lot of things. For the past 6 months I have been taking supplements to support my body in handling bile, in managing blood sugar , and in improving digestion. Another major part has been to be aware of eating the proper balance of protein, carbs and fats.

The results have been great and as you can see from my graph (red line is where I started, blue line is now) a major decrease in my body’s symptoms.

I truly thought I was feeling okay and completing all the tasks before me, now I know I am on another level towards health.”
SR, Age 59

GAPS Diet Consultation

“I realized after a few months on GAPS that I needed individual help for my specific health issues.  After searching the web and asking questions on many forums I realized I was more confused than ever about my GAPS journey.

I made an appointment with Peter for a consult after I had been on GAPS for 3-4 months. His gentle manner quickly put me at ease and right away I knew I had made the right decision.  Peter listened to all my concerns and addressed them one by one. He helped me make a plan that would be most effective and removed all my doubts and fears.  The recommendations that Peter gave are spot on and for the first time in 15 years I feel like I actually can be healthy again.  My only regret is that I waited so long for a consult in the first place. ABSOLUTELY 100% worth it!

The GAPS Diet has changed my life in so many ways. I have had 23 surgeries for Crohn’s and have always been told I would be sick and unhealthy for the rest of my life. But after only 6 months on GAPS I have gone from 22 symptoms down to only 4!  Acid reflux, brain fog, chronic fatigue, dizziness, eczema, frequent urination, gas & bloating, insomnia, nausea, sinus congestion and more are completely gone. I am now off all prescription and over the counter medications, some I have been on for 15 years. I am amazed at how well I sleep at night and how well my body digests the right foods.  Contrary to everything I have heard for the past decade and a half, I am beginning to feel like a whole person again! I am so glad I had the courage to start this journey!”
SW,Age 37

“We sought out help for our 16 month-old daughter. Her belly seemed sensitive since birth and it was a nightmare introducing foods. New allergies and intolerances were appearing left and right, until there were hardly any foods she could tolerate. She was miserable. We were desperate for answers and could not find help within the standard medical profession.

I recommend anyone experiencing daunting medical challenges to explore the GAPS diet. Our consultation with Peter, a trained professional, helped us get started on our journey of true health.
Peter helped break everything down as simply as possible so it was easy to understand how to progress. This personalized plan and ongoing support helped us so much. It has been essential for us to have a nutritional professional who is specifically trained in implementing the GAPS diet on our team.

Within two days of starting the Intro GAPS diet, our daughter’s large stubborn eczema patches disappeared. Her skin has never been rash-free. Within two weeks she has had a language explosion, she has more spunk in her step and she is toddling around like she owns the place. Her mood is consistently good and her energy levels high. We are no longer up hours at night trying to soothe a hurting, crying baby.

Since I am nursing, I am following the full GAPS diet. I used to limit my diet, but now she is tolerating foods that always used to bother her. I used to assume that being a young mother meant constant exhaustion and daily headaches, but I have more energy and clarity of thought than I ever had. I have not experienced any headaches. We are very excited to see more improvements as we continue this journey!

The GAPS diet seems daunting, because it is! It is a totally new way of thinking and nourishing your body. But change can be a really good thing. It’s completely do-able, and worth it! Peter is friendly, down-to-earth, and empathetic. It has been a pleasure working with him. He always takes time to explain things and answer all of our questions and concerns.”
E L, Age 29

“I think that having a knowledgeable consultant on my team is a key to my success with the GAPS diet. I would absolutely recommend GAPS diet consultation with Peter for anyone who is dealing with digestive, skin, or anxiety problems

I’ve been on the full GAPS diet for a couple of years and had gone through the Introduction phase once before without having anyone to consult. I contacted Peter for a GAPS diet consultation because I was getting ready to do the Introduction phase again and wanted to get some help with it. I was hoping to improve lingering digestive issues, yeast infections and anxiety problems.

The GAPS consultation was very helpful. Peter was able to clarify on some points of confusion about the GAPS diet and give me confidence on how to introduce the probiotics and other supplements recommended on the diet. It was also helpful to talk with him about his own experience with the diet and compare it with mine.

The GAPS diet has improved my life in many ways. It has been a long journey and along the way I have found my mood, mental functioning, and energy levels improving as well as a reduction in my anxiety. I have had an overall improvement in my sleeping, not waking as much at night as I did before. I have also improved my skin and hair quality greatly using the GAPS diet. My digestion has improved and I have notably less bloating and cramping.”
MR, Age 31

I sought a GAPS Diet consultation with Peter after a few years on the GAPS Full Diet, and one round on the Introduction stage of the diet. I wanted help doing another round of the Introduction stage of the diet. Doing Introduction on my own had been very difficult for me, and I was looking for help with introducing the recommended supplements, and with identifying and dealing with the symptoms of die-off and detox. Being able to consult with Peter about the diet is very helpful, even for someone like me who had already been implementing the diet for a number of years. I highly recommend it!

Peter was very helpful to me in understanding many of the points of the diet that I was unsure about. It was especially helpful to have his assistance in sourcing and introducing the recommended supplements. He also was very helpful in clarifying how to deal with symptoms of die-off and detox. Peter is very accessible and very dedicated to helping his clients achieve their goals of better health.
Having a GAPS practitioner to consult while implementing the diet is extremely helpful in achieving success with the diet. I very strongly recommend GAPS Diet consultation with Peter to anyone interested in trying the GAPS Diet to improve their health. Peter provides his clients with a wealth of knowledge and support, and truly cares about their health.

Over the course of a few years of following the GAPS Diet I have seen several health improvements. My moods have stabilized and improved dramatically. After a lifetime of suffering from poor digestion, constipation, gas and abdominal pain I am now markedly improved on all of these issues. I’ve had a significant reduction in number and severity of headaches, something I’ve also suffered from for my whole life.

The GAPS Diet is an awesome way to achieve better health by addressing the root causes of poor health. The diet puts you in control of your own health in a really empowering way.
GR, Age 30

Get at the Roots 12 Week Wellness & Weight Loss Class

“I joined the class to learn how to control my blood sugar. It was awesome getting to know how the body works with the food we eat. I learned what foods to eat and how to control my blood sugar. I am diabetic and after following the program my doctor cut my diabetes medication in half! I look forward to not needing it at all!

I got excited when I changed what I was eating and it helped me lose weight. I was amazed to learn the foods I was eating most often were the foods I needed to get rid of. Making that change put my blood sugar where it should be!”
DW, Age 51

“My digestive system has benefited in a major way since taking this class. I use to suffer from diarrhea on a daily basis but now that I know the difference between good and bad bacteria and how to change it with food, I no longer have an issue. I have diabetes and know with diet and exercise I can change, and even reverse it. My blood sugar levels are better since taking the class.

I enjoyed meeting new people and learning what affects the right foods can have. They can make such a difference in healing the body and keeping it healthy. I enjoyed the class very much. Pete really does a great job teaching us how to eat healthy and is very knowledgeable on what the body needs to heal and remain healthy.

In this day and age, it is so hard to know what to eat. When we are young we do not think about eating healthy. As we age and develop disease or illness we really need to change our diet to stay as healthy as we can.”
LB, Age 50

“I joined the class because I wanted to learn more about healthy eating and maybe lose some weight. The weight is coming off slowly but over the last 5 1/2 months I have lost 10 lbs. I don’t crave sweets and chocolate anywhere near as much as before and I have more energy most days. But what’s even better than that, I have been able to stop taking four prescription medications!

Taking the Get at the Roots class was very good for my whole well being! I have learned a lot about how my body works and what it needs. Now I try to get good carbs, proteins & healthy fats with every meal I eat.

I really enjoyed coming to class. I liked to listen to Peter talk about Getting at the Roots, whole foods & what toxins can do to your body. It was a fun & enjoyable experience. Peter is a very good speaker which makes it easier to learn. I feel he wants help all who want to learn about whole foods & how they can affect your body.”
AD, Age 58

“My goal was to eat healthier, lower cholesterol, lose a few lbs, and have more energy. It was very satisfying to learn so much about body processes and how to cook and prepare healthier food. Love trying new foods & recipes! The class helped me keep focused & motivated to eat healthier. The tests and demonstrations were fun.

Peter did a great job presenting the information in a comfortable atmosphere with in-class demonstrations & student participation. He kept it interesting and motivating, including the Facebook group feedback between classes. He was always available to answer questions.
I lost 5 lbs, gained energy and improved mood & digestion, and discovered gluten sensitivity. “
MT, Age 56