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Off the Grid

I wake to the early morning light shining through the cabin window.  The cold in the cabin tells me the stove has gone completely out.  I think about getting up and leaving the cozy warmth of the wool blankets on the bed.  My mind wanders back to childhood memories of cold floors meeting warm feet. […]

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Chronic Illness : What do you see?

Suppose you’re traveling on a busy subway and a man gets on with his two sons.  The boys are running all over the subway car hollering, bumping into people, and bothering everyone.  You finally become so irritated that you ask the father why he doesn’t make his kids behave.

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How to Choose Healthy Fats

Why you need healthy fats in your diet Healthy fats play a vital role in controlling body weight by reducing appetite, providing long lasting energy, and making food taste great.  They are also crucial for healthy blood sugar levels because fat slows the absorption of sugar. Healthy fats, including saturated fats, are required for optimum […]

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