Do You NEED Vitamin Supplements?

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There has been quite a bit of information in the news lately regarding the ineffectiveness of vitamins.  Many thoughts come to my mind when I think about this, including the following:

Basic Supplement Plan

Basic Supplement Plan

  1. How many vitamins are tested to make sure they actually contain the ingredients displayed on the label?
  2. How many vitamins are old and have lost their effectiveness?
  3. How many vitamins are processed with additives and preservatives that actually defeat the purpose of taking them?
  4. Are all people the same, and do all people need the same levels of vitamins?
  5. Does the need for vitamins vary over time?
  6. Is food a more helpful vitamin?

As my husband, Peter, and I work with people to help them figure out their bodies, and as we progress on our own journeys of discovery, we have learned many things about vitamins.  Both of us take vitamins on a regular basis but the needs for vitamins in our own bodies have changed over time.  We have also learned that many vitamins advertised or sold are useless.

Working with people as a massage therapist has taught me that many people suffer from chronic pain.  Usually, I suggest that they try magnesium and fish oil as a first level of therapy to relax the muscles and reduce chronic inflammation.  Some people say they have these vitamins at home and that they will start taking them.  I have not had one person who has done this say they feel better over time.  We sell Biotics Research supplements and we keep them refrigerated to maintain freshness.  I have had many, many people purchase these supplements from me and after about three weeks, they start to feel better. Over time, they feel much better.  A few have gone back to cheaper supplements after a few months and their symptoms return.  To me, that says that the other supplements probably do not have the vitamins in them as they are labeled or they are old and have lost their effectiveness.  To really reach the desired level of vitamins and benefit the most from this type of therapy, be sure to check the vitamins and make sure they are fresh and contain what they are supposed to contain.

Another interesting dilemma comes into play with vitamin therapy and that is the issue of additives in the actual vitamin.  I have had more than one person bring me their vitamins to help them read and understand the label.  Many of these vitamins are marked “all natural” or “pure” and when we read the label, we find that this is not the case.  Vitamins should contain the actual vitamin that is promoted and they usually contain gelatin to encapsulate them.  Other than that, they really don’t need to contain much else.  Many so called “all natural” vitamins contain dyes, preservatives, and additives that are actually harmful to the body and defeat the purpose that they vitamins were intended to fix in the first place.  The vitamins that we sell at the Healing Center of Maine are gluten free, dairy free, soy free and preservative and additive free.  They are tested when they are made and before they leave the company to make sure they contain the ingredients that are promoted.  Before taking any vitamin, know your company and research the ingredients.  Make sure you are getting what you pay for and that there are no harmful ingredients.

When it comes to the need for vitamins, it is my opinion that everyone is different.  So, the classic multi vitamin becomes something that really doesn’t work when a person is trying to target a deficiency.  Multi vitamins are often good for general maintenance but they generally will not correct an issue that might need to be corrected.  Peter and I have both invested time and money into figuring out our vitamin deficiencies.  Peter can order and evaluate lab tests for adrenal function, food sensitivities, GI function, hormonal balance, and DNA analysis and we’ve both utilized lab testing to pinpoint our needs.    We both take different vitamins.  And, those needs change over time.  Once an issue is corrected, the need for a vitamin also changes.

One example of a vitamin need changing was found when I was tested for adrenal fatigue.  Like everyone else, my adrenals were very much in need of support.  Peter used a Functional Evaluation and LingualNeuro Testing to identify a supplement my body responded well to called Neo-Natal Multi Gland made by Biotics Research.  I began taking it and had positive results.  I continued to take it for over a year.  After some time, I felt better and almost felt that this supplement was giving me too much in the area of adrenal support.  After a year or more, I was able to downgrade my adrenal support to a supplement called Bio Glycozyme.  I have noticed very positive results from Bio Glycozyme which is a blend of Vitamins A,C, D, E, K and is high in the B vitamins.  It combines these with minerals and adrenal support.  For me, this has been a miracle supplement.  I have more energy and this combination also helps me to balance the digestion of carbohydrates, which my body sometimes struggles to do.  I will continue to monitor this supplement and hopefully, my need for it will also reduce over time as my body takes over and begins to heal itself.  From this process and from watching our own needs for vitamins, I would say that every person has different vitamin deficiencies and different needs for vitamins.  And, vitamin needs should vary over time or the vitamins are not doing their job.

Food is the biggest healer for any of us.  Many vitamin needs can be corrected through food, but it takes longer.  Our theory with vitamins is that they are a good place to start to promote healing in the body while changing the diet to move to a nutrient rich diet.  Changing the diet takes years.  Many people think they can do it overnight, but bad habits are hard to break, and bad food is so easily accessible that it is very difficult to move to a diet where a person makes sure that every bite going into his or her mouth is taken to support the body, not to fulfill a craving.

Be smart with vitamin therapy and be respectful to your body.  Consider using our Nutritional Therapy services to identify your unique vitamin needs. We are all different and have very different needs for vitamin therapy.  To say that all vitamins are no good is a biased overstatement, in my opinion.  Some vitamins are not good, and they are a waste of money.  Some vitamins are very good and are worth the extra that they might cost to ensure good health.  If you are mystified by your vitamins and overwhelmed with chronic pain or illness, call us at the Healing Center.  We can help you move to a pathway of healing.


Shirley Wright, LMT, RMT

Shirley Wright, LMT, RMT

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