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by Peter Wright, NTP, CGP

Increasing the “healthy” fat in your diet may be the single most important thing you can do for your health.  For me, switching my diet from “low-fat” to “healthy” fat resulted in a weight loss of 50 pounds and a reduction in cholesterol levels.  What’s even better is years later I haven’t regained a pound. 
Eat Fat to Lose Fat

How could that be, isn’t eating fat really bad for your health?  Well, according to records compiled by the USDA, Americans are eating less fat than ever before, but we keep getting fatter.  In fact, the CDC reports obesity has doubled for adults and children and tripled for adolescents in the past 30 years.  Consider that for a moment, we’re eating less fat but we’re getting fatter and less healthy.   
We’ve replaced the “healthy” fats in our diets with an excess of carbohydrates.  On a molecular level, all carbohydrates are sugar, and when we consume an excess of sugar our bodies store the excess as fat.  It turns out all that “low-fat” food is making us really fat.  “Healthy” fat triggers a reduction in appetite, provides slow burning fuel, and builds healthy tissues and hormones.  What we need to do is to start eating more luscious, “healthy” fat.  Does that sound like a tough assignment? 
But what about the cholesterol’,  you ask? Here’s another shocker.  Your cholesterol level is not related to your consumption of “healthy” saturated fats.  Cholesterol is actually produced by your body in the event you don’t eat enough cholesterol.  Why would that be?  Cholesterol is vital to the production of Vitamin D, hormones, and cell membranes!
Have you noticed I keep saying “healthy” saturated fats?  It’s critical to know what a “healthy” fat is. The food industry has devised ingenious ways to increase their profits by chemically altering foods, including fats.  These chemically altered fats are very unhealthy.  So here’s a quick checklist to separate the good from the bad.
Eat these
o    For hot uses
§  real butter
§  lard
§  pastured animal fat
§  extra virgin coconut oil
§  palm oil
§  full fat dairy
§  pastured eggs
o    For cold uses
§  extra virgin olive oil
§  nut & seed oils
§  nut & seed butter
§  avocado
Don’t eat these
·         margarine
·         hydrogenated oil
·         partially hydrogenated oil
·         trans fats
·         canola oil
·         corn oil
·         vegetable oil
We’ve become a nation of fat phobics .  What a tragedy because fat is so luscious and, it turns out, so good for you.   Go eat some luscious fat!  You’re going to love it, and so will your body!
Want more information on using “healthy” fats to improve your health?  Check out my 6 part article; EAT MORE FAT
Peter Wright, NTP, CGP

Peter Wright, NTP, CGP

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Peter Wright, NTP, CGP

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