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I am trying to meditate. It’s not easy because I’m always thinking of, on average, ten things I
need to do or another five things I want to do. I am a busy person who keeps a home clean, works a full-time job, and likes to take care of my husband. I have two daughters who are grown but who still require a mom, two grandchildren who are the joy of my life right now, and a dog.
Life is always crazy and busy.

But, I need to calm down and reconnect to myself. It’s time to slow down a bit. I have found that meditation doesn’t have to be complicated but it does have to be quiet and about me. (Most of my life has been about other people.) So, how do I gather fifteen to thirty minutes each day for me?

First of all, my husband has to agree that it’s important – and he does. My dog has to be in another room. I can’t answer the telephone if it rings. I need to have a quiet space in the house where I can play calming music and dim the lights. That’s what I do.

For me, it’s easiest to meditate in the evening when the chores around the house are done and work I have brought from the office has been finished for the night. It’s dark outside and it’s quiet. I like to meditate in my living room but I can meditate downstairs in the family room. For me, it has to be dark. Then, I turn on some quiet music, just instrumental works well. I have several CD’s on my ipod that have loon calls and nature themes. I love this music. It reminds me of the lake in summer, which is a happy time for me. It’s warm in the summer and I love watching the loons swim on the lake.

So, I put my music on low and I dim the lights. I spread a nice, fluffy blanket on the floor. And then, I lie on my back. I like to do some simple stretches to get started. It’s calming for me and makes my back feel good. I stretch for about 15 minutes and listen to the music. My body starts to relax. When I feel nicely stretched, I use some type of yoga pose – whatever suits me at the time – and I lie there and try to clear my mind. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

Meditation for me begins with quiet affirmations – I am a good person. I like my life. I am happy. I think about the good things in my life, the things I am proud of having done. I think about my body and what I like about myself. I think about my children and grandchildren; they are beautiful. I think about my marriage and how lucky I am to have my husband. I think about my home. I love my house.

From here, I try to clear my mind and think about nothing. I start to feel sleepy. I relax and try to keep my mind clear. I breathe deeply and fully. My body feels so relaxed. I keep in this position as long as I can and I enjoy it. When I feel done, I get up and get ready for bed. I am just a meditation beginner. I know that I will move into higher levels of meditation as time goes on but at this point in time, this is right for me.

I would encourage everyone to become a meditation beginner. Take time each day to visit with yourself. Think about what a good person you are and why you are proud. Clear your mind and breathe deeply. It will make you happier and healthier!

Shirley Wright, LMT, RMT

Shirley Wright, LMT, RMT

Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master Trainer at Healing Center of Maine
My mission is to help people manage pain and injury, reduce stress, and promote healing.

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Shirley Wright, LMT, RMT

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  1. Anonymous November 14, 2011 at 8:43 pm #

    Affirmations surely are the best way to calm the soul. When you talk positively, think positively, and act in a positive manner, you become more positive as a whole.

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