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For most of my adult life, I have been an avid tea drinker. I never really liked coffee and now can only really enjoy a small cup once or twice a week if it’s decaf and if it had a flavor in it. Over the past two to three months, I have replaced tea with a new drink: hot water and sliced organic lemon. This is now my favorite drink! You might ask why.

Organic lemons provide incredible health benefits. Lemons relieve digestive problems. I can attest to that. When my stomach hurts, even a little, I can relieve this with a cup of hot water and lemon. Lemon kills bacteria. It is also cleansing and good for bowel disorders. Lemon liquefies bile which is an added benefit for a person who has had his or her gallbladder removed. Bile can be an issue after gallbladder surgery and hot water with lemon is one way to combat this.
Lemon stimulates the liver. According to Chinese medicine, the liver is the center of Qi (pronounced “chi”) which promotes bodily energy. Cleansing the liver and stimulating it’s work is crucial to good health. Lemon contains calcium, magnesium, and potassium in small amounts.
So, if you suffer from digestive ailments or feel tired each day, try drinking a cup of hot water with lemon. Purified water and organic lemons will bring you the best health benefit. If you do not suffer from digestive ailments but would like a good healthy drink, this is a great drink to try as well. The neat thing about drinking hot water with lemon is that if you get busy and forget to drink it and it gets cold, it’s still really good to drink. It tastes like lemonade!
Written by Shirley Wright
Shirley Wright, LMT, RMT

Shirley Wright, LMT, RMT

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